Why Prepaid Funeral Plans?

Prepaid Funeral Review: Why Prepaid Funeral Plans?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

It is surprising that most people haven’t heard of prepaid funeral plans – in some parts of the world 80% of the population have a prepaid funeral plan in place, and benefit from the Peace of Mind it brings to them and their families.

Prepaid Funeral Review: Advantages of Pre Paid Funeral Plans.

We are all going to die some time – we just don’t know when, so why not accept the inevitable and lock the price in now?  Think how much you would have saved if you had been able to lock into the gas or electricity prices thirty years ago. It’s exactly the same with prepaid funeral plans!  Some reasons why prepaid funeral plans are so useful:

  • Funeral inflation is much higher than the general level of inflation, so securing a fixed price early on will leave more money behind when you go.  Funeral costs have gone up faster than general inflation for many years.  Saving money for a funeral in a bank or building society is just not practical, especially as your family may have trouble getting at it! However, some plans are better at coping with inflation than others.
  • Relatives are spared the embarrassment of being asked to pay several thousand pounds to the Funeral Director, which they may have to borrow.
  • We understand that the Prepaid Funeral Plan will not count as an asset and reduce any State Benefits or increase Inheritance Tax.  Normal savings do reduce State Benefits.
  • For folk who use our service, we can offer free electronic copies of Asset Protection Secrets or Inheritance Tax Secrets.
  • You can forestall the almost inevitable family fall out by YOU deciding the arrangements you want, in advance, so there is nothing to fall out about! We can provide more resources to make your planning more effective.
  • Fixed Prices – most or all of the plans fix the bulk of the costs at current prices. Clearly some things are beyond the control of the prepaid funeral plan supplier, so generally those parts are linked to some sort of inflation index. In general terms, most prepaid plans will accept a larger amount if you wish to make extra provision.  If you want to prepay for extras such as cars for mourners, the cost vary widely.
  • Instalments – many prepaid funeral plans will allow you to pay in monthly instalments (usually interest free) over 12 months, or over 60 monthly installments with some interest being payable.  The Prepaid Funeral Review can help you find the right plan for you if you have a limited budget.
  • Were you aware that employers can buy prepaid funeral plans and keep them “in stock” to be handed over when an employee or employees partner dies?
  • Most prepaid funeral plans can be transferred from one end of the country to another without problems, but not all.  That is why our brief fact find is essential before we can make a recommendation just fitting your wishes.


  • No prepaid funeral plan – plenty of scope for argument about the funeral arrangements.
  • Funeral costs skyrocketing.
  • Relatives stuck with the bill for the funeral.
  • A paupers funeral rather than a prepaid funeral may be fine for you, but your friends and relatives will feel terrible.

Enquire here or download our enquiry form to the top right.  Remember, we are on YOU side to help you get the best possible plan for your unique situation.

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