Why Us? Free Independent Funeral Plan Advice on Choosing a Funeral Plan

Why would you use us for free independent advice on choosing a funeral plan?

Because we have spent years monitoring the funeral plan market, finding out the wrinkles which help – or disadvantage consumers. We currently monitor more than 20 “brands” of plans, which are probably marketed under 50 plus white labelled brands.

We use the knowledge gained from those years of research to find the most suitable funeral plan for your needs, whether your ideal plan a direct cremation, funeral directors fees only, standard, standard + family limo, or top of the standard range with 2 family limos, posh coffin etc. Or you can have a totally bespoke plan – though they do tend to be expensive!

What about Guaranteed Funeral Plans?

We often have had difficulty working out what is included in plans and what is or is not actually Guaranteed. So we have to ring up and ask, phrasing our questions very carefully. What appears to be a fully guaranteed plan to the layman is often nothing of the sort, so it is essential to read the small print very carefully (or let us do it for you!)

We know the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

The reason we don’t use a Star system as many do, it that choosing a funeral plan is a very personal choice, and one which may well be affected by where you live, or where you might life when you are older. A plan can be a brilliant plan – but still totally unsuited to your needs and wishes.

What happens when you approach us for advice on choosing a prepaid funeral?

We ask you some questions to see if you have any specific type of plans in mind. Then we discuss the options, answer any questions. In most cases we are then in a position to post you out a full written recommendation with the suggested plan or plans FULL details, key features, terms of business, brochure and application forms. We also give you comparative quotes from another half a dozen or so competitive firms.

Many companies will try to sell you their plans over the phone, before you have seen any information, other than the price. How can you choose  funeral plans where the only real information you have is the price? The telesale people work on the basis that most people won’t actually look at the documents in time to cancel without losing their deposit. We think that is wrong for such an important decision, though we accept that we would be much better off financially if we adopted that tactic. But we never will.

Do you charge for our expertise in helping you in choosing a funeral plan?

No, we do not. We are remunerated by the funeral plan companies. Unlike some companies, the level of the fee we earn is not a significant factor in our deliberations, and we are often able to offer a discount. In most cases, we offer a very useful bonus which can save as your family as much as £595 (though typically £100 to £200). Or up to twice as much for two plans.

How about being environmentally friendly?

Sadly, most funeral plans are not dreadfully environmentally friendly, so we donate a tree to be grown to absorb carbon etc for every plan processed through us. We are keen on environmentally friendly funerals, but sadly they are significantly more expensive, so are often not chosen for that reason. If you choose an environmentally friendly plan, that is great!

Choosing a Funeral Plan

Choosing a Funeral Plan