What happens without a funeral plan

Whilst prepaid funeral plans are very popular, not everyone gets around to it. People often think you have to be over 50 (not true of all plans.) But there are relatively low-cost options which can – at worst = cushion the financial blow a little, so why not get in touch.

There are several options to keep costs down – obviously, add in that they can be paid in instalments:

  1. Buy one plan between two of you so the first to die is covered.  Some plans even allow the plan to be donated to another family member.
  2. Consider a plan which just covers the funeral directors fees – it should cover around two-thirds of the final costs.  They don’t include any allowance for third party costs such as the crematorium, doctors fees etc.  But at least that is much less to find at a difficult time.
  3. Direct cremation plans are way cheaper – less than half the cost.  But none of the traditional ceremonies usually expected. But you can always have your own at another time.

Three real-world examples of why planning ahead is so important:

  • Nearly half of the exhibitors at Funeral Director Exhibitions provide credit to the public – debt being the funeral directors biggest problem.
  • The biggest debts on credit cards are paying for funerals.  Undertakers want a large proportion of the costs – if not all – before the funeral, or it may be held up.
  • Stress and arguments over the funeral break up many families – at least putting a plan in place shows what your views are, and you can be as detailed as you like. If your thoughts change over the years, just let the funeral plan company know.

You can get a grant towards the cost of the funeral, if you are eligible.  It is called the Funeral Expenses Payment, but it can take months to get it.

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