You Only Die Once

You Only Die Once: 2014 Dying Awareness Week.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

“You only die once’ but as an actor you may be called on to die several times. Now three thespians who have famously “died” in their acting roles are using their experiences to raise awareness of the need to talk about death and dying. Its underlying purpose is to persuade people that, as we only die once, we only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, which is why it’s vital to talk, plan and make arrangements for the last years of life – before it’s too late. At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we are one link in a chain of integrated services designed to help and protect children even before they are born and then carry elements of that protection forward for as much as 125 years after folk have died to look after children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and maybe more. More information HERE

Planning: Actors use fictional deaths to raise dying awareness.

Brian Blessed, Julie Hesmondhalgh and Graham Seed discuss their acting deaths and discuss why it is important to plan for the end of life in the short film “Playing Dead”, which is shown above. Brian Blessed’s most famous on-screen death, in iconic Seventies series ‘I Claudius’, saw him dead in close-up for an unprecedented four-and-a-half minutes. Former Corrie star Julie Hesmondhalgh wowed critics and the public alike with her sensitive portrayal of the final weeks in the life of her character Hayley Cropper, dying of pancreatic cancer. Graham Seed played upper class Nigel Pargetter in The Archers for 27 years before departing Ambridge following a fall from the roof of his stately home. The film was made by Manchester-based PictureWise Productions, who also produced the ‘Last Laugh’, in which Alexei Sayle confronts attitudes towards terminal illness, and ‘Dying for a Laugh‘, which featured well known comedians including Ardal O’Hanlon discussing death and dying.


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